September 25, 2018

Experimental Vaccine Shows Promise in Preventing TB

TUESDAY, Sept. 25, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Tuberculosis remains the most lethal of infectious diseases worldwide, killing more than 1.6 million people a year. But researchers […]
September 22, 2018

5 Tips to Manage Your Child's Asthma

SATURDAY, Sept. 22, 2018 (HealthDay News) — For many children with asthma, coughing is an early warning sign of a flare-up, an expert says. Understanding asthma […]
September 20, 2018

AHA: Inequities Remain in Heart Attack Treatments for Black Patients

THURSDAY, Sept. 20, 2018 (American Heart Association) — Black patients hospitalized for heart attacks continue to receive different medical treatment than white patients, according to a […]
September 20, 2018

Mediterranean Diet May Cut Stroke Risk for Women, But Not Men

THURSDAY, Sept. 20, 2018 (HealthDay News) — The Mediterranean diet may do more than help you reach and maintain a healthy weight: New research suggests that […]
September 20, 2018

U.S. Alzheimer's Cases to Nearly Triple by 2060

THURSDAY, Sept. 20, 2018 (HealthDay News) — By 2060, almost 14 million Americans will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, a number that’s nearly three times as high […]
September 20, 2018

Florence's Lingering Threat: Mold

THURSDAY, Sept. 20, 2018 (HealthDay News) — In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, residents of the Carolinas are facing a new health threat: mold. Mold-related illnesses […]
September 20, 2018

Opioid Crisis Driving Decline in U.S. Life Expectancy: CDC

THURSDAY, Sept. 20, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Life expectancy in the United States has declined for two years in a row, fueled by increasing death rates […]
September 20, 2018

Exercising With Rheumatoid Arthritis

THURSDAY, Sept. 20, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Different from osteoarthritis, which is the wear-and-tear breakdown of joint cartilage experienced over time, rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is […]
September 19, 2018

Mom-to-Be's High-Gluten Diet Linked to Type 1 Diabetes in Baby

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 19, 2018 (HealthDay News) — If a pregnant woman eats a lot of high-gluten foods, the odds that her child will have type 1 […]
September 19, 2018

Fitter Folks Suffer Milder Strokes: Study

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 19, 2018 (HealthDay News) — It’s well-known that regular exercise can help cut your risk for a stroke. Now, new research shows fitness may […]
September 19, 2018

Dozens of Medical Groups Join Forces to Improve Diagnoses

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 19, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Every nine minutes, a patient in a U.S. hospital dies because a diagnosis was wrong or delayed — resulting […]
September 19, 2018

Reports Warn of Growing Opioid Crisis Among Seniors

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 19, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Against the backdrop of an unrelenting opioid crisis, two new government reports warn that America’s seniors are succumbing to […]