After many, many years of providing much-needed care to the Faith community Dr. Fink has given notice of his intent to retire effective June 30, 2019. His health has declined over the past two years where recent surgeries and multiple chronic conditions have required him to reduce his schedule and have seriously impeded his ability to perform at the high level of service he expects to provide to his patients and to respond to the increasing demands of the medical profession.

RDC will miss Dr. Fink and greatly appreciates his efforts, the concern he had for his many patients, and the care he has provided to them during his three years with us. We hope he experiences a very enjoyable retirement.

RDC recognizes the importance of Faith Internal Medicine to that community and is dedicated to keeping that office open. The RDC Board is working on a plan for assuming care for Dr. Fink’s patients and for support to Daniel Crowe. More information will be distributed as it becomes available. In the interim, Dr. Fink’s patients can contact our main office at 704-633-7220 to ensure no lapse in their care.