Due to heavy call volume over the COVID-19 vaccine, we wanted to provide information on the top calls we’re receiving. Facebook and our website will always have the most up to date information that we know. Please keep our phone lines available for those who need to call in for appointments.

1) We are not affiliated with Novant, do not have access to their COVID-19 vaccine schedule, and cannot call to make you an appointment on their COVID-19 vaccine schedule. If you have an active Novant provider that you see, including specialty, you can contact that provider’s office to see if they can put you on the Novant COVID-19 vaccine schedule.

2) We cannot make you an appointment to get your vaccine at the Rowan County Health Department. They will open their website (https://www.rowancountync.gov/1671/First-Dose-Clinics) to allow individuals to make appointments. Appointment slots are first come, first serve and they dedicate as many slots as vaccine available. Once they are out of slots, they close the sign up for that week.

3) RDC has been approved by the state to give the vaccine but we have not been given any doses. We do not know when we will receive vaccine or how many doses we will get. Once we do have it, we will publish that and open a link on our website for patients to sign up. We will offer as many appointments as vaccine available and give them out as fast as we possibly can.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We want to get our hands on the vaccine to give it to our patients but have not been able to yet and are just as frustrated as you.