It is our understanding that someone has posted on social media that RDC is not following appropriate COVID-19 protocols in our offices. It is unfortunate that social media can be used as a bully pulpit against medical facilities. Due to HIPAA restrictions, RDC is not able to confirm nor deny that any individual who posts any comment about a visit is a patient of or visited RDC; and we are unable to respond directly to any such accusations.

What we can tell you is that RDC follows to the smallest detail both current Center for Disease Control directives and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Emergency Temporary Standard. Every patient or visitor and every employee entering an RDC facility is screened for possible COVID-19 symptoms and exposures. Any individual, whether patient or visitor or employee, failing a screening is not admitted to our offices. Specific isolation protocols are implemented if a patient or employee, after entering our offices, is possibly determined to have covid-19. It is important to note that symptoms related to the common cold or a reaction to allergies do not suggest COVID-19 contamination, does not constitute rejection from our office nor the requirement of a COVID-19 lab test.

It is disappointing that an individual would post defamatory comments and challenge RDC’s integrity and diligent efforts to provide a safe environment for its patients and staff. It is understandable that a great number of individuals are on edge regarding this terrible virus. However, since the introduction of covid-19 RDC has maintained rigid interview, masking, gloving and gowning, separation, cleaning, and isolation protocols. To the best of our knowledge no patient, visitor, or employee has contracted covid-19 from a provider visit or by working in our offices.

We thank all of the many, many patients who have expressed their appreciation to RDC for remaining open during this pandemic and for being available to provide everyone with our trademark high level of care.